The Retail Manager (RM) is a powerful web based platform, created to equip a pharmacy’s management personnel by means of insightful analytics and information on the overall effective functioning status including sales growth  status.

The App contains three main components, namely:

  • Sales data: The App runs on the pharmacies own dispense/loyalty card data. One can view sales reports on various product categories. For example, sales on acute/chronic medicine, cosmetics or baby products depending on the pharmacies data categorizing structure. The pharmacy manager will also be able to view sales per individual pharmacy outlet and compare it to other pharmacy outlets of the same chain, but in a different region, as well as compare the individual pharmacy sales with the total chain sales.

  • Call Centre patient status: This component enables the pharmacy  supervisor/manager to see how many pharmacy customers are “actively managed” by the call centre, and the sales value of the managed customers compared to “not managed” customers.

  • Audit component: This module enables a pharmacy manager to “audit” or do an assessment on a pharmacy or group of pharmacies placed under his/her supervision during monthly visits. This component permits the manager to review the store’s exterior and interior layout as well as review pharmacy detailed operational processes and staff productivity.