The PharmacyPLUS App can be white labelled to  be the pharmacy’s own. Digital loyalty programs  empower pharmacies to electronically engage customers whilst improving patients’ loyalty.


It offers patients and pharmacists three core  functionalities.

  • ScanScript - Patients can simply ‘scan’ the  script which a doctor gives them and send  it to their pharmacy electronically. The pharmacy prepares the parcel, and the patient is notified via push notifications. A patient feeling ill, does not appreciate standing in a queue and waiting for medication packing; By using the App, the medication is already packed for collection when  they arrive, or delivered if the pharmacy  offers this, and the process of getting  your medication dispensed is a quick and  efficient “stop-and-go”.

  • Promotion - Pharmacies are able to send push notification of any specials or promotions they may be running in their pharmacies. Customers receive the push notification, which links them directly to the promotion.

  • Scratch Loyalty - Pharmacies can configure  electronic scratch cards to reward  customers for repeat store visits and  purchases.

  • Health Content - Based on the patient’s script, the patient can access personalized  health content. All content is however  available to the pharmacies customers  within the App.