Pharmacy Portal image.png

The Rubix pharmacy platform seamlessly integrates with the Rubix customer care platform to deliver adherence management services and allows for electronic communication between customer care agents and pharmacy personnel. The pharmacy platform displays the customer care portal recorded customer interventions and the type of customer requested pharmacy service.


If a customer for example requests a convenience based service like a medicine order, the comprehensive order will display on the pharmacy portal with an associated status displayed as “pending” to inform the pharmacist of due orders.


The Rubix pharmacy portal allows pharmacy personnel to view customer requests, proactively order out of stock pharmacy items in, prepare and pack the medicine in “quiet times” hence permitting them to spend valuable one-to-one time with customers when they are in store. As a result, pharmacy personnel have more time to possibly upsell the customer when they are in store, or give valuable needed health information.


The pharmacy platform allows for pharmacists to realize if a customer opted in to be on an electronic service and also allows for the pharmacy personnel to add specific notes related to the customer for the customer care personnel to view during a follow-up customer care telephonic intervention.


The Rubix pharmacy portal also schedules an SMS to go out to the patients as a reminder when their order is ready for collection and display the pharmacy address and contact information.