In some cases, a pro-active adherence management strategy may simply be too costly. Patients  that are only taking a single chronic product, and rarely buy anything else over the counter or in the  front shop, does not spend enough to validate a pro-active and higher cost intervention.


MONESC offers a solution to generate additional value from these patients by monitoring their chronic purchase patterns, and only in the case of non-adherence, offer an intervention.


Monitoring adherence and doing a case Escalation using relevant and on-time Health Content at exactly the time when the patient became non-adherent, was successfully used to bring back customers to fill scripts. By using MONESC, patients that became non-adherent and then received an intervention, returned 60% more often than patients without an intervention.


Health Window uses the RUBIX DATAPLUS data set to reverse engineer the customer's dispense data and reconstruct it into a health profile, in order to deliver this disease-relevant content from the  RUBIX Health Content Library.