Doctors, pharmacists and other health care professionals spend less and less time educating patients on how to optimally  manage their chronic disease. Even when they do make the effort, patient recollection of the overload of information is  appalling. And, information delivered to a non-receptive patient is not stored in ‘working memory’ - which drives up the  probability of poor adherence.

The Health Window Rubix systems make sure that context- and time-relevant content is delivered when patients find it  valuable, rather than define it as spam if send without considering the patient’s health profile.


Patients often research their diagnosed disease to gain more knowledge, however, they are often misguided by the excess of health information available not always related to their specific problem. This information can sometimes  cause unnecessary concern for the customer. The content library displays relevant health content, approved by health  professionals. Health content provided is specifically aimed at educating and informing patients about their chronic  diseases.


Patients diagnosed with chronic diseases require reiterating bits of information to assist them to better understand their  disease and remember the facts, to be able to reach improved health outcomes.


The content library allows for scheduled electronic content delivery via a set care path. This ensures that valuable  content is delivered to the relevant patients over a period of time, thus having a greater impact than a once-off informed  consultation.