Within the Rubix Platform, Health Window maintains a “data warehouse”, these supplemental data sources enrich the pharmacy’s own datasets, and allows richer patient engagement. The Rubix Platform reconstructs an Enriched Health Profile from a combination of pharmacy and Health Window datasets.

In addition, the enriched profiles allow deeper analysis into behavioral trends and allows more effective solutions. The Rubix DATAPLUS component offers better:

  • Disease level analytics and interventions (from Product-to-disease mapping)

  • Improved understanding of chronic and acute patient loyalty parameters not contained in Loyalty card systems (from Chronic/Acute filter)

  •  Identify patient Health needs and opportunities for pharmacy to fulfill those needs (from Life stages)

This is quite different to the approach of implementing costly CRM systems or marketing platforms which appears promising, but as customers are growing tired of retail- and mass mail based engagements, being able to make recommendations based on a Health Profile offers a far better customer experience. The unique datasets into the Rubix platforms have been used and proven to increase pharmacy turnover by up to 15.3% in quarter 2. Unlike the CRM and other platforms (which are available to your competitors), neither the Intelligent algorithms that mines the data, nor the supplemental datasets which are used to identify these health based opportunities, are available to your competitors.