Rubix enables adherence management and powerful customer care strategies.


Poor adherence rates cause lost sales for pharmacies. The extent to which pharmacies loses turnover because of non-adherent patients not visiting the pharmacy to purchase chronic medications, have been underestimated.


After merging the dataset with pharmacy dispense or loyalty data, powerful adherence algorithms hunt for the patients that meet certain adherence, disease and value criteria.


Customer care agents are then empowered to offer the patient convenience-based services, relevant health content, or even electronic services from a proactive customer care interaction.


Being able to render this highly personalized and data  driven intervention, typically results in a 50% gain in the number of store visits by managed patients. In addition, these patients’ loyalty and retention on therapy at the same pharmacy nearly doubles.


The Rubix Customer Care system and related services have proven to grow sales - even in markets that were experiencing a downturn or flat line.