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Patients in SA systems

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Chronic Managed Patients


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High Adherence Gains 
Adherence gains of 10% are not exciting. But being able to retain almost twice as many patients over 12 months is. Some of the largest multinationals are sharing Health Window as best practice because we yield the best adherence returns  across all their programs - globally!
Data Driven Quantification
All results are quantified from TRANSACTIONAL DATA. ROI is not guesswork, it is a fact. Through intelligent systems we know exactly what the difference in value is of an unmanaged patient, compared to a patient whose adherence is managed.
Large Patient Numbers
Through our pharmacy partners, we are able to engage high volumes of patients.  More than 10 million people visited the pharmacies we serve in the last 5 years.  High adherence gains are amplified by high enrolment numbers and therefore have a visible effect on total sales growth. Many “Good Ideas” turn into initiatives that struggle to enrol the necessary patient numbers that would impact top line  sales. Great adherence on 1000 patients just doesn’t matter. But being able to enrol 20 000 and then improve their adherence substantially, has a great impact.
Sales Growth

Adherence improvements should result in top line sales growth. Very few adherence management vendors’ solutions have an effect on top line sales. Health Window has several case studies where our customers’ sales growth lagged the  competitors; as soon as Health Window rolls out on a large scale, our client’s  overtook their competitors. In some cases even with a simultaneous reduction in sales force!


Health Window’s cost model allows the most cost effective interventions in the industry. Health Window’s intelligent management systems allow for patient management costs to be split between everyone that benefits - both Pharma and  Pharmacy.

Real World Outcomes

Clinical trial results are not valid in the “real world” setting where non-adherence to therapy guidelines detracts from optimal outcomes. By improving adherence, the gap between clinical trial results and real world efficacy is bridged. Doctor’s won’t switch a patient to something else if it works. However, if non-adherence causes sub-optimal results, doctor’s often propose something when they perceive  the drug to be ineffective.